Broker Information:


Why should brokers use Commission In Advance?
There are many ways in which you can benefit from our services.

Here are a few examples:

Not having to use your own funds.
As a broker you may have agents that are in need of an advanced commission.  If you provide the advance yourself you will be forced to use your own funds or lines of credit to provide the advance needed.  Offering this service is what we do best.  By using Commission In Advance, you will be able to meet your agents needs without the stress of putting your own business on the line.

Having the ability to offer agents an advancement on their commission can be an attractive recruiting tool.   As you know, starting out as a real estate agent can be a rocky road.  You can make the journey easier for them by offering our services as a way for them to get established and create more business.   Many brokers even offer to pay the financing costs associated with the agent’s first advance as an incentive.


Agents who use Commission In Advance see the value in our services.  They also recognize the importance of a broker who is supportive and helps them with their cash flow issues.  As the broker, you will be perceived as providing better services and having more options than the competition. 

Costs and Responsibilities
As the broker, you will no costs.  All fees are deducted from the agent’s commission at the time of closing.  In the event of a failed sale, you will not be held responsible.  However, we may request your assistance in having the agent replace the collapsed sale with other deals.


To begin offering Commission In Advance to your agents, call us today, and we will help you get started. It is the FASTest and EASYest way to get an advance on your commission Today.